The Nigerian Diplomat Travel Guide

The Nigerian Diplomat Travel Guide

The Nigerian Diplomat Travel Guide is an ongoing project towards providing reliable and up-to-date data and information on the status of road travels in Nigeria.


The project commenced on PositiveNaija in May 2018 and was transferred to The Nigerian Diplomat with the aim of contributing to the effective planning and risk assessment by travelers within Nigeria as well as serving as a policy-formulation/reforming instrument in securing human lives and improving road infrastructure.

Data Gathering

  1. The Guide relies on road travelers within Nigeria in providing their recent travel experiences by completing the 2-minute questionnaire.
  2. The Nigerian Diplomat also monitors various relevant sources for information.

Data Analysis

  1. An objective weighted approach is used to determine the risk levels of the state of Nigerian roads for travels.


Results provided serve as an advisory/informational guide and should be used/applied with caution taking into consideration other factors, which might not have been captured in our assessment.

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