Thinking Room

Our Thinking Room houses good ideas we monitor or come across and thereafter, we deliberate and meditate on them overtime, plan and refine towards improving Nigeria and Nigerians. We also could ‘scribble’ the developments of our thoughts primarily, on how our work could in one way or the other assist in the implementation of such ideas. In addition, we welcome your comments as well on how such ideas we put up from your own perspective could be better enhanced or implemented.

  1. The concept of Abulecentrism and Nigeria’s political, economic and social logjams, By Prof. Olurinde Lafe
  2. The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has been awarded the Best Public Institution Award, 2016 in Nigeria by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) [PositiveNaija Post Type for inclusion by 2018. |  Considerations: Such award justified for all States?, Availability of a full/comprehensive list of winners?, Rationale for such award/the respective winners?, Award truth/verity of winners?]
  3. Purpose Share
  4. EoYr – Standard redefinition (+ / – / ∼)
  5. Post titles (CAP / ‘normal’)
  6. Character – we see!

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