Thinking Room

Our Thinking Room houses good ideas we monitor or come across and thereafter, we deliberate and meditate on them overtime, plan and refine towards improving Nigeria and Nigerians. We also could ‘scribble’ the developments of our thoughts primarily, on how our work could in one way or the other assist in the implementation of such ideas. In addition, we welcome your comments as well on how such ideas we put up from your own perspective could be better enhanced or implemented.

  1. The concept of Abulecentrism and Nigeria’s political, economic and social logjams, By Prof. Olurinde Lafe
  2. Purpose Share
  3. Standard redefinition (+ / – / ∼) – ongoing
  4. Fela Durotoye – The State of the Nation
  5. The Good Country
  6. Onye Nkuzi: “… what can we sell to these markets”?
  7. Reward System
  8. Nigeria: In Search of Patriots, By Dele Agekameh
Update on our standards for 2018 posts

In our commitment to promoting the culture of excellence and responsible journalism, we are pleased to confirm that posts eligible for publication in 2018 on our platform will be guided by the following parameters:

  • For awards, recognitions, honours, etc., the rationale or reason(s) or context for understanding be made available in the reported/presented news. When this is not present, we shall rely on our conviction based on the recipient’s merit for such honour.
  • For awards, recognitions, honours, etc., the character of an individual(s) or entity deemed as exemplary based on our knowledge shall be a determinant.
  • News with incomplete list of winners will not be published. Organisers of recognitions and journalists should ensure fair/just reporting rather than selective reporting of certain awardees. We however, endeavour to still check/collate from various news source in such regard.
  • Category – Sports | Theme – Appointments: 1st positions & epic/history defining victories/relevance. We have also decided discontinue reporting on boxing as a sport on our platform particularly as it usually leaves the competitors bruised and bloody. [Grey areas:]
  • Category – Business & Economy (predominant consideration of strengthening the Naira/ indigenous development): Reference – Deutsche Bank Awards for Excellence in Cash Management and Trade Finance in Nigeria
  • Category – Education (predominant consideration on strengthening indigenous development): Reference – Winners emerge at Brownsville inter-school spelling contest
  • Category  – Health & Environment (predominantly alkaline sources)

Our Advocated Performance Indicators on Redefined & Excellent Standards of Nigeria’s Value Based System [First created: 29-10-2017]

In simple terms, these indicators represent the signal identified/recognised by us that shows the extent of ideal progress made by Nigeria. We therefore believe that in course of achieving any of these indicators at any given time, in such sphere (and notably beyond), a consistent, genuine and verifiable transformation of the Nigerian society has occurred.

These indicators takes into consideration the past and current dispositions, which serve as a useful lead into a sensible and prosperous future.


  • A Nigerian emerging winner of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. [Reference: Mo Ibrahim Foundation]
  • Nigeria ranked 1st in overall governance performance in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). [Reference: Mo Ibrahim Foundation]
  • The abolishment of the federal character principle in section 14 subsection 3 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended [Reference: The Nigerian Constitution]


  • All Nigerian States and the Federal Government of Nigeria publish their budgets/contracts. [Reference: BudgIT Nigeria]
  • All MDAs of Nigerian States and the Federal Government of Nigeria publish their call circulars. [Reference: BudgIT Nigeria].


  • A Nigerian or Nigerian entity emerging winner of The Nobel Peace Prize [Reference: Nobel Peace Prize]
  • The Nigerian Police ranked Africa’s best police service in the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) [Reference: WISPI]


2018 News under consideration; subject to verification/countering

  1. FUTA’s Esther Samuel is Best Female Mathematics Student in Nigeria [Rationale: Incomplete reporting]
  2. Made in Nigeria Brand Awards 2018 [Rationale: Incomplete Reporting]
  3. Oguejiofor Chibueze [Rationale: Incomplete reporting]‏
  4. West Link Airlines chief gets award [Rationale: Incomplete reporting]


  1. Google News Initiative Training Centre
  2. Cute Stat [Website Stats and Valuation]
  3. Online Plagiarism Checkers

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