Tonye Cole & Muhammed Sanu Abdullahi Appointed Into World Bank’s Expert Advisory Council

Tonye Cole and Muhammed Sanu Abdullahi have been appointed by the World Bank Group into its Expert Advisory Council on citizen engagement.

The council was established in 2014 to guide the development and implementation of the Strategic Framework for Mainstreaming Citizen Engagement in the Bank’s operations.

The strategic framework of the council was designed to give citizens a stake in decision making to improve the intermediate and final development outcomes of their partnerships with government.

Mr. Tonye Cole, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Sahara Group, who is one of the first two Nigerians ever to be appointed to the Council, said:

“The World Bank is a results-driven institution. I am delighted at the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the Council on robust agenda setting and implementation of initiatives that are so crucial to global sustainable development.

My work with global agencies and institutions on sustainable development has only reinforced the importance of private and public sector collaboration. My colleagues and I believe continued cross-sectorial and multi-stakeholder engagement can transform the landscape on sustainability and social development for the next generation. I am feeling very positive as we collectively embark on this new chapter.”

Mr. Tonye Cole is one of the two designated private sector specialists on the Council, composed of two representatives each from civil society, academia, the private sector, governments, foundations and development partner/donor organisations.

Muhammed Sanu Abdullahi represents the Government of the State of Kaduna.

Other new members joining the Council are: Flavia Milano (Inter-American Development Bank), Helena Bjunemalm (Swedish International Development Agency), and Emily Martinez (Open Society Foundations).

World Bank official Jeff Thindwa, Manager of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability and who oversees the Council nomination and selection process, on Cole’s addition to the Council said:

“Mr. Cole will bring a unique private sector perspective to the Council. Combined with his longstanding experience serving global development institutions in various capacities, this positions Mr Cole to make an impactful contribution to the work of the Council.”

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