Vertex Natural Resources & Haulage Services Limited: Abuja-Based Company For Buying And Selling Of Solid Minerals

Vertex Natural Resources & Haulage Services Limited is an Abuja-based company which is into the buying and selling of natural minerals and haulage services.

It is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) – RC 7493280.

Vertex Natural Resources And Haulage Services Limited: Abuja-Based Company For Buying And Selling Of Solid Minerals

Vertex Natural Resources & Haulage Services Limited offers the following services nationwide:

A. To Carry On The Business Of Prospecting, Exploring, Operating And Working On Mines, Quarries And To Win, Set, Crush, Smelt, Manufacture, Process, Excavate, Dig, Break, Acquire, Develop. Exercise, Turn To Account, Survey, Produce, Prepare. Remove, Undertake, Barter, Convert, Finish, Load, Unload, Handle. Transport, Buy Sell, Import, Export, Supply, And To Act As Agent, Distributor, Consultant, Contractor, Manager, Operator Or Otherwise To Deal In All Sorts Of Presents And Future Ores, Minerals, Deposits, Goods, Substances & Materials, Including Lithium, Sands, Stones, And Soils, Chalk, Clay, China Clay, Betonies, Broils, Calcite And Coal, Lignite, Rockphoscate, Brimstone, Brine, Bauxite, Limestone, Precious And Other Stones, Gold, Silver, Diamonds. Iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Vanadium, Mica, Apalite, Chrome, Copper, Gypsum, Rutile, Sulphate, Tin, Zinc, Zircon, Tungsten, Silicon, Brass, And Other Allied Materials, By Products, Mixtures, Blends, Residues & Substances.

B. To Apply For And Acquire By Purchase, Lease, Hire Or Licence, Exchange Or Otherwise Petroleum, Mineral Rights, Grants, Concessions, Lease, Licences, Claims, Permits, Wells Or Other Interests In Petroleum And Mineral Rights, Mines And Mining Rights And To Prospect, Explore. Survey, Open, Work, Test, Develop, Exercise And Turn To Account, Any Petroleum, Mineral, Oil Or Natural Gas Permits, Licence, Leases, Rights, Authorities, Holdings, Tenements, Claims Or Concessions Or Other Similar Rights Or Privileges From Time To Time In The Possession Of The Company Or To Which Or In Which The Company Has Any Rights Or Interests.

C. To Search. Survey, Discover And Find Out And The Acquire By Concession, Grant, Purchase, Barter, Lease, License, Degrees & Tenders The Allotment Or Otherwise Of Land Or Water Area From Government Such Rights, Powers, And Privileges Whatsoever For Obtaining Mines, Open Cast Mines, Bucket Mines, Quarries, Deposits, Etc. For Mining Activities For Commercial Purposes. D. To Explore, Extract, Excavate, Procure, Produce, Pump, Refine, Purify, Store, Research, Prepare, Promote, Prospect, Process, Grade, Split, Remove, Amalgamate, Barter, Convert, Clean, Commercialize, Compound, Distribute, Discover, Handle, Import, Export, Buy, Sell, Market, Organize, Manage, Protect. Provide, Vapourise, Condense, Concentrate. Dilute, Mix And To Act As Agent, Transporter, Consultant, Engineering, Contractor, Adviser, Jobworker, Export House Or Otherwise To Deal In All Sorts Of Crude & Refined Petroleum Oils, Natural Gases, Oleaginous, etc.

Contact details

For more enquiries, partnerships, collaboration on any area of our specified services, kindly contact us through any of the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +2347058667995
  • Facebook: Vertex Resources ventures


This is a sponsored post by Vertex Natural Resources & Haulage Services Limited.

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