Nigerian Apps For Accessing Emergency Services (Accidents, Crime, Fire, Health, Etc.)

This compilation by PositiveNaija aims to provide a reliable guide on Nigerian apps (mobile applications) for accessing emergency services in Nigeria.

Other Nigerian apps include:



Nigerian Apps For Accessing Emergency Services - PositiveNaija


Nigerian Apps for Accessing Emergency Services

“Amba is an on-demand emergency response mobile application operated by Doctors On Call health Support Initiative and Partners. The application connects people who need emergency medical help with their family, friends, qualified medical, safety, rescue and assistance professionals.

Get emergency help to you and your loved ones faster!
At the single touch on your phone, the nearest doctor, nurse or paramedic will come to your rescue, in minutes!

With Amba, you can:
Ask a Doctor; Get advice from credible Doctors On Call in the shortest possible time.
Book an Appointment; Find the right doctor and request for an appointment.
Book an Ambulance; Book a Routine, Basic Life Support or Cardiac Ambulance.
Book a Sedan or SUV for concierge taxi services.
Request for a Nurse, Doctor or Physiotherapist to visit you at home.
Feel safe when you travel alone, have your friends and family monitor your movements.
ShoutOut; Seek help from Amba users like you
Nearby Search; Find out nearest Police Station, Hospital, ATMs and other important locations.”

“Emergency service provided by KwiKam can help you discover emergency services closest to you. It provides you with access to their contacts, landmark address and directions. Users can also send location info, and as well the issue around them to the registered contacts in their app. It does so without using internet access.

KwiKam App works without an internet connection or mobile sim card. All you need is a location-enabled (GPS) phone that runs on android.”

“Access a professional lawyer anytime, anywhere within your locality. This App helps to bridge the gap between legal professionals and the people with several features some of which includes but not limited to Emergency Lawyer near you, Legal Advice from a professional lawyer in just one click and lots of other legal aids.”

“Nigeria Internal Security and Public Safety Alert System (NISPSAS) is part of Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts to provide adequate and prompt response to emergency and safety of lives and properties. It has a Mobile Application dashboard for the public to report Fire, Crime, Medical and Accident distresses .

Similarly, NISPSAS provide internal security identity verification platform on ICON mark ‘VERIFY’ which help in the protection of innocent citizen from failing victim of the following crime terrorism and public safety concern;

i. Verify Fake Transport Union Members who engages in road crime such as ‘one chance’, kidnapping etc

ii. Verify Fake Passenger Manifest use to commit crime such as human trafficking, kidnapping and illegal motor park operation.

iii. Verify Unidentified Artisan and Domestic private drivers who commit offences and crime such as conspiracy and robbery of employer, theft of vehicle, building material on site, girl child assault, rape and tax invasion.

iv. Verify Fake Drivers License use by unqualified person to secure critical job such as school bus and commercial passenger transportation driver, which in turn causes lose of lives and properties in accident

v. Fake Fire Extinguisher which fails at the point of usage and its cylinder being use for drug trafficking, bomb manufacturing etc.

vi. Verify fake private security guards who impersonate to commit crime.

vii. Verify accredited election observer and personnel.

viii. Direct Bank online webpage page to control public failing victim of bank fraud through webpage cloning to commit bank cyber crime offences.”

“Contacting the NPF is a stressful but necessary first step in the case of an emergency situation. The rescue me app is designed to handle this situations for you as it collects the information needed by the command and control unit to know about you, your situation and location before dispatching aid your way.

The app allows users to share their personal information such as name, medical information, address, location, with the operators at the command and control unit of the Nigeria Police Force who then send out the needed help so that absolute safety for you, your family and property is ensured.”

“Primealert is an emergency SOS Alert App that helps to protect and save lives. With Primealert you can monitor and be notified on the safety and well being of multiple dependants (e.g. children, teenagers, elderly parents, sick family and clients) within the one app.”




*This compilation was first researched, written and poster designed by Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 10th of May, 2021 as well as updated by Okene Eunice Ayobami and Toju Micheal Ogbe on 8th of April, 2022 – without interference or sponsorship by the featured apps.

*If you have information or recommendations that could be relevant in improving this compilation, please comment or write to us at and we will review/update the article accordingly. Thank you.

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This is quite good and recommendable for it will go a very long way in protecting and also saving lives.

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