Nigerian Apps For Investing In Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills And Other Financial Products

This compilation by PositiveNaija aims to provide a reliable guide on Nigerian apps (mobile applications) for investing in stocks, treasury bills and other financial products in Nigeria.

Stock: A stock (also known as equity) is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. This entitles the owner of the stock to a proportion of the corporation’s assets and profits equal to how much stock they own. Units of stock are called “shares”.

Bond: A bond is a fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental).

Treasury Bills: Treasury bills are tax-free, low risk, short term debt instruments that are issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for government budget deficit.

Nigerian Apps For Investing In Stocks, Treasury Bills And Other Financial Products - PositiveNaija

Nigerian Apps For Investing In Stocks, Treasury Bills And Other Financial Products

“We are lowering the barrier of entry for individuals of any age and income bracket to start their investing journey. With just your BVN and contact details, you can join Bamboo and start trading with zero paperwork right from your mobile phone.

Whether you want to invest in companies you believe in and hold, or you wish to frequently liquidate your position to take advantage of the ups and downs of the market, you can begin realizing your dreams and profits.

Bamboo protects you by ensuring all your trades and positions are insured by the SIPC and FINRA up to $500,000. You can freely buy and sell US stocks knowing that your money is safe.

You can start investing with as little as 15,000 in any company you desire. Our partnerships enable Bamboo users to own fractions of shares in different companies thereby giving users even more options to trade the stocks they desire.”

“Trade and invest in leading companies and countries with any amount of money, no matter the price per share. Trade 4,000+ assets from 40+ countries.”

“Cowrywise is the wealth management app that enables you to plan, save and invest money easily. With direct access to the largest pool of mutual funds in Nigeria, you can build your savings and investment portfolios, manage your money securely and build a better financial future.”

“I-Invest Mobile App is a platform where you can invest in treasury bills and other fixed income products, monitor the growth of your investment real-time and liquidate your investments at any time into your cash wallet.

Simply put, I-Invest gives you an access to grow your income with fixed income investments and make more money.

It provides a convenient way to save and invest for the future.”

“Trade on the Go with MeriTrade App.”

“We invest and manage your money in a global portfolio of dollar investments. Great for new and experienced investors.

We help you invest and manage your money into a portfolio of expertly selected US stocks based on their long-term growth opportunities and quality earnings.”

“Invest in stocks, bonds & more with the insight and confidence you need to succeed, even if you’ve never bought a stock or bond before. With our mobile application, you now have access to everything you need at the tap of a button—including investing, trading, research, and more.”



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*This compilation was first researched by Sarah Bwala Timothy and Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 12th of May, 2021 – and updated by Okene Eunice Ayobami on 29th of October, 2021 – without interference or sponsorship by the featured apps.

Written and poster designed by: Toju Micheal Ogbe.

*If you have information or recommendations that could be relevant in improving this compilation, please comment or write to us at and we will review/update the article accordingly. Thank you.


Other Nigerian apps include:

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