Nigerian Apps For Upskilling And Placements

The Nigerian Apps for Upskilling and Placements compilation by PositiveNaija provides a guide on Nigerian apps (mobile applications) with digital and vocational skills learning as well as relevant placements (for jobs, etc).

Other Nigerian apps include:



Nigerian Apps For Upskilling And Placements - PositiveNaija


Nigerian Apps For Upskilling And Placements

LearnAM is a Skills Learning app that provides localized audio/video content across a broad range of topics under digital and vocational skills as well as personal improvement. With this platform, the goal is to build the largest skills platform for the underserved market in Africa. This is one-way Technology (LearnAM) is making education more accessible.

LearnAM allows its users to learn simple skills that can help them become independent and increase their earning potentials.

How it works
• Learn anywhere: Listen to/watch courses even when you are offline.
• Learn with ease: Short courses broken down in local languages.
• Track development progress: Try out the quiz after each module and get certified upon completion.

That is not all, LearnAM also connects its skilled users to
• Customers
• Jobs
• Apprenticeships


*This compilation was first researched, written and poster designed by Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 7th of December, 2021 as well as modified by Okene Eunice Ayobami on 6th of December, 2021 – without interference or sponsorship by the featured apps.

*If you have information or recommendations that could be relevant in improving this compilation, please comment or write to us at and we will review/update the article accordingly. Thank you.

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