Nigerian Apps For Games

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This compilation and assessment by PositiveNaija provides a guide on reliable and up-to-date Nigerian apps for games.

Apps with user ratings less than 3.0 (assessed alongside with user feedback shared on the app store) are not included in this compilation. Apps that have not been updated for a long time are also not included. In instances where user ratings and feedback are unavailable on the app store, we encourage extra vigilance by (prospective) users.

Nigerian Apps For Games


Nigerian Apps For Games

“A long time ago, African story was all about magic, supernatural beliefs and its powers.

Three young friends decided to rewrite the story by taking a trip down the creepy forests, forbidden places and habitats of spirits! Midway into their adventure, they got trapped by the gods of the forest and they need you to set them free and bring them back to the city!

Gather as much cowries as you can! pick up several coins! Go through the dark caves and forests! Crash into street “owambe” parties and escape the danger that is lurking behind!”

“Ayo is a popular strategy board game that originated in West Africa and is engaging and addictive!

The objective is to win all the houses (holes) on the board by capturing as many seeds as possible in each round! The guided demo will show you how to play if you’re not familiar with the rules.

This game goes by other names, such as Awari, Oware, Adi, Awale, Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji, Ogedesi, Uko.”

“Hot Seat is a general knowledge application designed to educate and test you on world facts. It is equipped with surplus questions and answers about the world. The questions are designed with four options each. Each question has a virtual prize when answered correctly.”

“Keke On The Run is a fun and highly addictive driving game in which the goal is to avoid other vehicles and collect Fuel Cans that increase your score. The faster you complete the level, the higher your bonus is.”

“It is against the law to close down streets to celebrate parties in Nigeria. However, young teenagers and party lovers do not comply with this instruction and continue to violate the order. Closing down streets for parties constantly result in traffic congestions in and around the Lagos metropolis. The Nigeria police have hence intensified efforts to put a stop to this menace and placed police men in strategic locations around the city to chase down and arrest offenders.”

“Ludo is a classic dice and race game, played with four pieces per house and a set of dice.”

“Naija Snakes and Ladders is a classic board game of all ages. It is designed and tailored to keep you happy at your leisure time.
It is played by one person and computer. It is equipped with two dice but can also be played with one die.
It is made up of 100 tracks starting from 1 to 100. The first player to reach the last track is declared winner.
The aim of the game is to move to the last track (100) before your opponent using the outcome of the dice or die.”
  • Naija Whot

“Naija Whot is an exciting, classic and healthy card game for everyone. It is simple to play. Become a winner by finishing your cards before the beast in your palm. It keeps you comfort when it’s needed and your mind focused when you are idle. The artificial intelligence keeps it challenging all the time.”



Research credits

*This compilation [Nigerian Apps For Games] was first researched by Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 17th of March 2022 – and was last updated by Toju Micheal Ogbe on the 23rd of August, 2022 – without interference or sponsorship by the featured apps.

Written and poster designed by: Toju Micheal Ogbe.

*This research is open for/to suggestion, donation, sponsorship, collaboration, partnership or advertisement (+2349064503292).


Other Nigerian apps include:

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