Winners of the 4th Awa Ibrahim Junior Golf Open Championships

Recently updated on October 24th, 2022 at 03:48 pm

Winners have emerged in the 4th Awa Ibrahim Junior Golf Open Championships at the Ikeja Golf Club.

 The annual three-day competition, aimed at discovering young golfers aged 15 and below, was used to mark golf enthusiast, Alhaji Awa Ibrahim’s birthday on Oct. 19 [2017].

George Inalegwu of St. David Mark Golf Academy and Country Club, Akpegede, Benue, won the grand prize in the U-16 male category. Friday Peters emerged second place winner.

For the U-10 to U-13 category, Emmanuel Aleji from St. David Mark Golf Academy is the champion, while Okoko Godman from the same academy emerged second.

In the U-9 category, Weng Davou of St. David Mark Golf Academy took the first prize, while from the same academy, Godwin Okoko emerged the first runner-up.

In the Girls U-16, Georgia Oboh from Ikoyi Golf Club emerged the overall winner. Also, in the U-13 to U-16 category, Naisha Nandal from Ikoyi Golf Club came out tops, while in U-9 and below, Faith Bawa took the first prize.

The male U-16 champion, George Inalegwu, said the win was a reward from his hard work while preparing for the competition, adding that it had been his dream to be a champion in golf.

In his words:

“I always want to play golf and I don’t get tired of it at all. We have a good academy where we are trained to become champions.

I missed last year’s competition because I was in school and my school calendar of event did not permit me, but this year, I made a promise to do all it takes to win.

This is my sixth year playing golf and I thank God I am able to make something out of it.

I also want to thank the organisers of Awa Ibrahim Junior Golf Championships for giving us this platform to showcase our talents.”

Also, according to the best girl for the tournament, U.K. based Georgia Oboh said:

“From my experience, the sport is still growing in Nigeria, and I don’t expect someone playing for just three years to be at my level.

I have been playing golf about 10 years ago now, about all my life playing golf. The main thing is to ensure that more children are encouraged to play golf.”

The sponsor of the championships, Dr. Awa Ibrahim, urged the young golfers to take their studies seriously as it was the only way to the full realisation of their life pursuits.

According to Dr. Awa Ibrahim:

“I will not like the case whereby you will drop out of school playing golf and that is the reason the cash price is attached to your scholarships.

I want to see you fulfil your potential by coming out tops in your studies, so we have also increased the cash price to 200,000.

Those that are not captured in the scholarship scheme are third place winners but now they are also to receive 50,000 in scholarships which will be paid directly to their school accounts. Other winners in the first day but unable to win in the overall medals table will also have 50,000 in scholarships now.’’

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