Winners Of OD Impact Challenge 2021

Winners have emerged in the OD Impact Challenge 2021 organise to promote solving the world’s pressing problems.

Winners Of OD Impact Challenge 2021

  • First Place: Stanley Anigbogu (Nigeria) – CEO & Founder, Artechubs

Anigbogu is the founder of ArtecHubs Nigeria, which is a leading tech skill acquisition company for young minds in southeastern Nigeria.

  • Second Place: Muhammad Iqhrammullah (Indonesia)- Co-leader, Co-EXAMPLE/Chemistry Department, UNSYIAH

Muhammad Iqhrammullah is one of the leading young scientists in Indonesia whose works cover various research topics in sustainability; ranging from heavy metal to citizen science. He has successfully developed renewable materials from biomass and bioresources.

Third Place: Babatunde Bale (Nigeria) – Co-founder/Administrative Coordinator, The R.E.T.I.N.A Initiative

Babatunde Baleis an emerging Optometrist at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is the co-founder of The R.E.T.I.N.A (Restoration of Eyecare Through Innovation and Awareness) Initiative. A non-profit organization that focuses on eradicating avoidable blindness in African communities.

Through their initiative, HEAL the World project, which focuses on not only increasing awareness about preventable blindness among high scchool students but also training teachers about first aid treatment for eye injuries, they have increased response to emergency eye injuries, which drastically reduced vision loss by more than 70% in Edo and Lagos States.

People’s Choice Winner – Joana Wosgrau (Brasil) – Partner and co-founder, Casa Origem

Entrepreneur, Co-founder and partner of Casa Origem, the 1 degree zero-waste chain restaurant in Brazil, that aims to show the world that is possible to be a profitable company that changes the world positively.

According to Joana, Casa Origem is the first Zero Waste restaurant chain in Brazil. They serve food with less environmental impact and more social impact. They serve agroecological and local goods, a plant based and organic menu; always with reusable or compositable packaging; fair prices; engaging their customers and suppliers, urging them to apply the Origem method in their operations; and through producing content by passing on what they have learned. They are supported by 3 pillars: Sustainability, localism and networks.

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