Aarinola Olaiya Is OAU’s 1st Distinction Graduate In Surgery In 28 Years

28-year-old Aarinola Olaiya, graduates with distinction and emerge the 2017 overall best student from the medical school at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife.

Ms. Aarinola Olaiya becomes the first person to graduate with distinction in Surgery from OAU since 1989.

The Ife University Medical Students Association (IFUMSA) congratulated Ms. Aarinola Olaiya stating:

“Aarinola Olaiya becomes the 1st Student in 28 yrs to have a Distinction in Surgery at the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, OAU, Ife. Congrats!”

To earn overall distinction and become best graduating student, Ms. Aarinola Olaiya grabbed distinctions in the following 12 courses:

Part Three First MBChB Examination
Distinction in Medical Biochemistry
Medical Physiological Sciences.

Part Four Second MBChB Examination
Distinction in Pathology
Distinction in Pharmacology
Distinction in CLI

Part five Third MBChB Examination
Distinction in Dermatology and Venerology
Distinction in Mental Health
Distinction in Obestrics and Gynaecology

Part Six Final MBChB Examination Result
Distinction in Surgery
Distinction in Medicine

Distinction in Community Health


“I really cannot explain it. What I can say is that the grace of God has been at work from my first day in the university. Apart from that, I am a focused person. I always like to have a goal in mind and I make sure that I focus on that goal without giving room to distractions. I think this is what happened. Right from the day 1.

I had just a few friends in the university. They were all purpose-driven people who knew where they were heading to.

My parents have been very supportive from day one, especially my mum. She keeps me going all the time. My siblings have been very understanding, too. They accepted me the way I am and kept encouraging me all the while.

I did not set out to graduate with distinction in the university. I just think that I tried to strive for perfection. Although it is good to have goals because they keep you going, who you are really matters a lot. Then there is the God factor. I still believe that the grace of God has a lot to do with my achievement.”

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