Okolie Elvis Anyaehiechukwu 4.80

Okolie Elvis Anyaehiechukwu, has emerged as the best graduating student with 4.80 CGPA (out of the maximum 5.0), from the Department Of Public Health, Faculty Of Allied Medical Science at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) in the 2016/2017 academic session.

In the words of Okolie Elvis Anyaehiechukwu:

“I am a youth advocate, researcher and social mobiliser dedicated to making the world a better place.

Public Health has proven to be the best course to study if you intend to make monumental impact and leave a legacy on earth. I chose Public Health because it is the course that offers me a rare platform to create the world we want.

Every aspect of Public Health is intriguing as they all relate to preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency of the population. To also give a bit of clarity as to areas that stood out for me. Epidemiology, Health Education and Promotion, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Health Services Management and Quality assurance in health care delivery were areas that fuel my passion in the field.

There’s no course that is simple and I also believe no course is hard. What matters most is the passion for whatever you are doing regardless of the course. Parents and guardians should also not impose specific courses on their children or wards. Public health is my life and I know my life is not hard.

How did I do it? I didn’t do it but God did it all. I only knew what I wanted; I projected my visions, gave in a lot of sacrifice and worked day and night to attain this height.

The first piece of advice is that self-discovery is paramount to achieving excellence. It is also pertinent to have an ability to critically discern in many situations of life. I encourage students to look out for opportunities to enhance their skills and competencies and after school. It is pertinent that they also know certain tips which were helpful to me; confidence in oneself, priority setting, consistent preparation, time management, crazy but brilliant friends, strategic examination delivery and legible writing, insatiable desire to be the best wherever you find yourself, mum’s prayers and above all, God’s grace.”

Anyaehiechukwu has in his first to fifth year, had 4.18, 4.91, 5.00, 5.00, 5.00 CGPA respectfully. He therefore advised other students to look out for opportunities to enhance their skills and competencies in many situations of life.

Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro 4.78

Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro who studied Business Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences at the Lagos State University (LASU) has emerged the best graduating student in the 2016/2017 academic session with a CGPA of 4.78 at the convocation ceremony held at the Auditorium Complex of the University in Ojo.

While delivering his valedictory speech, Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro had said his academic pursuit was almost frustrated by a health challenge – cataract, which affected his eyes.

According to Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro:

“My Parents helped me to seek medical help but the first operation I had was not successful.

When my first WAEC and NECO came out, it was dotted with F9s, so I left home and went to stay with my uncle and his wife.

My uncle and his wife also helped me to seek medical treatment at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan and the operation was successful.”

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode at Lagos State University’s 22nd Convocation ceremony, adopted Ogunsanya Fuhad Adetoro and also granted him scholarship and 5million cash reward.

The Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode while responding to the student’s request to study abroad for his master’s programme, said:

“In response to the best graduating student’s request, Lagos State Government does not generally give scholarship anymore but only bursary. So, I adopt him.

His story is too compelling and it reflects on my own story. So, any university he wants to go, I will do it personally; I will be responsible.

In addition to that, because he is the best graduating student, I [give] him 5million.”

Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, therefore, said university convocations deserved necessary attentions as the future of any nation can only be guaranteed when the youths, who form the majority of the population are educated enough to contribute to the economy.

Jeffrey Lebari-Lube Nwidobie Emerge Best Graduating Student 2018 At Tarleton State University

Jeffrey Lebari-Lube Nwidobie has received five academic honours during his graduation at the Tarleton State University in Texas, USA.

The honours include: Distinguished Medal of Academic Excellence, Award of President Tarletan State University, Best Graduating Student 2018, First African to give Convocation Speech in 116yrs of Tarleton State University, having graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Design & Robotics.

UNN Emerge Overall Winner Of NSA-NMC 2018 Statistics Competition

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has emerged the overall winner of the 2018 edition of the annual Statistics Competition for tertiary institutions in Nigeria organized by the Nigerian Statistical Association in collaboration with National Mathematical Centre, at Kwali, FCT, Abuja.

In addition, a four hundred level student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Mr. Chibuike Ugwu emerged the overall winner in the undergraduates category.

Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto came second while Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka took the third position.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the annual event, the Director General and Chief Executive, National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Professor Stephen Onah said the competition was instituted to identify and encouraging young talents in Mathematical Sciences across the country.

In his words:

“The National Mathematical Centre, remains resolved with the support and encouragement of government and other stakeholders, to deliver on its mandate in this respect of identifying and encouraging young talents in Mathematical Sciences.

One of the objectives of this competition is to stimulate enthusiasm in the learning of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences among young Nigerian Students.”

In his remarks, the President of NSA, Prof. Sidney Iheanyi represented by the First Vice President, Dr. Ebuh Godday said:

‘‘The sole aim is to rekindle in the competitors the dying interest for statistics and to develop sufficient capacity in this field.

We believe that statistical knowledge is a sine-qua-none for national development.

Going forward, we hope to make the programme assume a global dimension.’’

Over 40 universities participated in the contest in which the three winners emerged tops.

Benedict Egwuchukwu 3.90

Benedict Egwuchukwu, an Accounting graduate at the American University of Nigeria, Yola (AUN) has been named the best graduating student of the university with a 3.90 Cumulative Grade Point Average (on a 4.0 scale).

Twenty five other graduates, including three post graduate students, received awards for academic excellence with a total of 158 students receiving their graduate and masters degrees and post-graduate diplomas at the AUN, Yola.

Benedict Egwuchukwu also won awards for the best graduating student in Accounting, best graduating student in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, VPAA and Provost’s Award for academic excellence, Haruna Musa Award for Academic Excellence, and Afrinvest Award for Academic Excellence.

Delivering his valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony, Benedict Egwuchukwu stated:

“I decided not to let university pass through me.

People tend to shy away from challenges but my advice is to tackle them head on, the lessons learnt are invaluable.”

According to Dawn Dekle, the AUN President:

“This awards ceremony is amongst the most treasured occasions at AUN, as it provides us an opportunity to remember the achievements of the last year, and to honor those students who went above and beyond to contribute to AUN.

The graduation awards are meant to recognize excellence and foster competitive spirit. Our graduating seniors have excelled in academics, community service, athletics, and leadership. They have made us proud, and also brought international recognition to AUN.

Hard work brings success. It’s often said that there are no short cuts in life, but wherever you intend to go, hard work will be the most direct route for getting there.

I hope all of you graduating seniors will keep that in mind as you move forward from AUN and onto the path that awaits you.”

Fatima Abubakar Jauro 3.89

According to Fatima Abubakar Jauro, who won the best graduating student in Economics with a CGPA of 3.89:

“I feel happy and grateful, I’m sure if I had gone to another school, I probably won’t be able to reach my potential.

I’ve always wanted to study Economics since SS1, so I’ve been so passionate about it, so I was scared that if I go to another school they won’t give me that Economics. So coming to AUN, considering that I got what I wanted, I tried to put my all. I was passionate about it that was why everything was so easy and sweet.”

Abubakar Musa Bala

Abubakar Musa Bala, a graduate of Software Engineering who got the Stanbic IBTC award for academic excellence and the Sigma Pension Award for Community Service as well as being the founder of an NGO named AMB Foundation to train secondary school students from public schools in Yola on basic information and communications technology and computer based tests said:

“If you look at the exams nowadays like the JAMB exams, it is computer-based and most students are not privileged to have computers in their schools, most of them don’t know how to use these computers.

In a situation whereby an exam that is very critical to every student’s success, like JAMB exams is the key to university. so if you don’t know how to use the computer definitely you will not be able to pass JAMB exams.”

Kazayet Zachariah 3.77

Kazayet Zachariah, emerged the best graduating student in Business Administration with a CGPA of 3.77.

Hafsat Adamu

Hafsat Adamu emerged as the best graduating student in English Language and Literature as well as received the Royal Exchange Healthcare award for Academic Excellence.