Winners Of The Ballers Awards 2019

Winners have emerged at the Ballers Awards 2019 organised by Naija Footballers, which held on the 12th of January 2020 at the Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos with a host of players, journalists and football administrators present.

The Ballers Awards was sponsored by e-commerce investment platform Versa.

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PositiveNaija Love And Heroes 2020

PositiveNaija Love And Heroes is aimed at celebrating the positive value of Nigerians all over the world no matter how little their impact might be, which the world might be unaware of.

The overall goal is to promote the value of the Nigerian human life through the spirit of love, gratitude and positive works/deeds. This is included on our weekly videos and Instagram page.

It is also an expansion of the traditional approach in which PositiveNaija sources for positive or good news. This means that with the PositiveNaija Love and Heroes, every Nigerian is empowered to be a reporter of that which is good and exemplary as it concerns Nigerians all over the world. This therefore, provides greater awareness and knowledge about Nigerians engaged in inspiring and worthy deeds.

It is open for everyone but we encourage nominations of people that you know personally or are around you. We encourage this so that it does not become a ‘celebrity or political’ contest/show – we believe there are a lot of Nigerians around us we can show appreciation to and not necessarily those that are popular [“Be humble toward one another, always considering others better than yourselves. – Philippians 2:3].

Significantly, PositiveNaija also utilizes the Love and Heroes in honoring dead Nigerians such as members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, journalists and other civilians for their sacrifice, love and heroic feats [“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged” – Proverbs 16:6].

Love and Heroes

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