Egbe Joy, Derick Nwasor And Oghale Yome Win ROSATOM Atoms For Africa Competition

Egbe Joy, Derick Nwasor and Oghale Yome have emerged winners of the ROSATOM Atoms For Africa Competition.

Russia’s state-run nuclear energy corporation, ROSATOM, says it has acquainted three Nigerian youths with its leading institutions for nuclear research.

The company, in a statement on the 14th of January [2020], said the ROSATOM Atoms For Africa Competition was in-line with its efforts to inspire and raise the next generation of nuclear energy technology experts in Nigeria.

According to the statement by ROSATOM:

“It required them to research how innovative use of nuclear technologies can assist in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

Over the course of their week-long stay in Russia, the trio visited the first science city of Russia situated in Obninsk and the first nuclear power plant to be built in the world, also based in Obninsk.

Other sites visited included a tour to the winter wonderland at Tomsk in Siberia where they witnessed how Tomsk Polytechnic University is using its research reactor for educational purposes and training.

At the A. I. Leypunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering in Obninsk, guests from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda learnt about the main activities of the institute.

The institute’s specialists told the delegation about promising developments and achievements in the field of nuclear medicine, ecology, and energy projects.”

It said Natalya Ayrapetova, the Deputy Director-General of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation for Science and Innovation, touched on the topic of science.

He also told the history of the Kaluga Territory, about Obninsk’s place in the region, which has a peaceful character in the areas of nuclear energy.

According to Natalya Ayrapetova:

“We are ready to help various countries in training and development of a scientific program in order they have the opportunity to use peaceful nuclear technology.”

ROSATOM said one of its key missions was to assist the brightest young minds from across the globe to work together in solving global challenges that will shape the future of energy and the world.

It added that the initiative provides a great opportunity for young people from very different walks of life who share a common passion to build a bright and sustainable future for Africa.

It said this would help to discover more about various nuclear applications and their vast benefits for the region.

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