Farmcrowdy Group Wins UNIDO International Award 2019 On Disruptive Innovation In Agribusiness Technology

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has awarded Farmcrowdy Group with the award for Disruptive Innovation in Agribusiness Technology at the UNIDO International Award 2019 of Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness.

The award which is in its third series, was given on the 15th of May, 2019 in Rome, Italy.

Onyeka Akumah, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Farmcrowdy Group, said that it was a confirmation of the firm’s hard work to ensure sustainable agriculture and food sufficiency in the country.

One of the subsidiaries of the Farmcrowdy Group is Farmcrowdy, which gives everyone an opportunity to empower rural farmers by sponsoring any farm type while earning a Return on their Sponsorship.

Farmcrowdy Group had started the year on a positive note; from expanding the group to having a subsidiary known as Farmgate Africa launched on the 2nd of April, 2019; signing both local and international partnerships to empower more rural farmers in Africa and to constantly impact collaborative food production and boosting food security.

Farmgate Africa is a company focused on providing major processors and international buyers the opportunity to purchase commodities directly from local farming clusters. The platform seeks to bring farmers closer to processors and off-takers by eliminating the layers of intermediaries.

Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform, Farmcrowdy, was officially launched on November 15, 2016, in Lagos, Nigeria.

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