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Conquering Political Apathy in Nigeria

Conquering political apathy: What Nigerians can and should do more?


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Political apathy (which in layman's term is loss of interest in political matters) is on the rise in Nigeria as we all know which tells bad of the political sphere and future of people engagement in politics (which ought to be people-driven). For this reason, and for the improvement of our democracy, the political apathy has to be conquered.

There are so many ways these can be done, including but not limited to - Enlightenment and sensitization of the people;

- People based campaign;

- Last but the most important, ELECTORAL REFORMS.

This is the most important because the main reason for political apathy is the lack of trust the people have in the electorate and electoral processes. The Nigeria electoral process has to go past this archaic stage of elections and sign into law electoral reform. This is where the people come in. The Nigerian people owe it to themselves to fight for this to become a reality! The Nigerian people must demand (continually till it is done) that electoral reforms be signed into law!

Thanks a lot Afor.

The suggestions you have stated are indeed crucial pillars in increasing sustainable political interest, participation and engagement among Nigerians.

Thanks again.

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Great discussion going on here!