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Nigeria and Nigerians

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PositiveNaija Quiz Information

PositiveNaija Daily Quiz

  1. The quiz is aimed at promoting knowledge and consciousness on the positive, and excellent achievements or progress associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally.
  2. Quiz time: Between 9:00pm - 10:00pm (GMT +1; Nigerian time)
  3. All questions are from the Blog.
  4. First correct responses/answers to the questions win
  5. Only when previous questions have been answered correctly will subsequent questions be posted/made available.
  6. If only one person gets a correct answer with no other person giving the answer, the person with the correct answer for that day gets the whole reward. The whole reward rule also applies for if a person answers correctly after the day a question asked was yet to be answered or correctly.
  7. Currently, reward is 200 Naira airtime per question answered (the choice network of the winner)
  8. PositiveNaija Team is not allowed to take part by answering the questions
  9. The airtime will be sent to the Whatsapp number or registered email of the winner
  10. When submitting your answer, kindly include the network you prefer to receive the airtime.
  11. Winners are encouraged to acknowledge receiving the airtime(s) on the respective topics/questions. This helps in promoting our transparency.
  12. Posts with correctly answered quiz questions are closed.
  13. Specific time and sets of quiz questions are undisclosed to anyone (including prospective sponsors) until posted.
  14. Please state your answers only with the specifics required as instructed. E.g. If asked to mention only 2, please mention just 2 of what is required.



We welcome sponsorship/partnership for this quiz. Sponsorship could cover daily (200 Naira/day | * excluding specifically sponsored days) or a specific day (1,000 Naira per day e.g Mondays = 4 days/month (4,000 Naira).

Sponsors are acknowledged on each quiz questions accordingly. Contact Us!

To win and succeed is to love.