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Section 3: Nation-building in Nigeria

The online debate session is aimed at promoting a healthy and open critical-thinking or independent thinking culture as well as conversations towards improving the quality and responsibility of nation-building peculiar to the Nigerian society.

Reward: ₦5,000 cash prize for this section (only 1st position).

The debate topic for this section will be posted below by 9:00 PM on the 6th of August, 2020.

9:00 PM - 9:11:00 PM

Thank you.

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For a progressive Nigerian society, the Nigerian people must lead the change/reorientation first rather than the Nigerian political leaders.

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If we the citizens of Nigeria desire a change in our country and   political leaders,we should first address the issues and  make moves in bringing those changes. The Nigeria we desire lies in the hands of the citizens because we are the ones that are being affected by the bad governance of our government. We can't keep our hands close and wait for change,we should fight for what we want. The same way we fought for our independence from the British government,we can also fight and get the Nigeria we desire.

Good Evening and All protocols duly observed

Let me begin be saying Nation building is a task that requires effort on the part of both leaders and citizens.

Even in past times, a lot of attention has been paid to the role our country leaders have played in the social and economic deterioration of the nation even with conventional wisdom placing blame on a lack of visionary and growth-oriented leadership.

But the truth is that change does not come cheaply and that is why i support the motion that for a progressive state the people should lead the change

even though change is progressive but that is what exactly defines the concept of DEMOCRACY. I believe strongly that if the people should lead the change they will be able to recognize the reason why our country exist as a Nation today compared to political leaders who majorly are concerned about the national cake rather than the welfare of the people.

Also, if the people lead the change there is a greater voice of unity. Love, strength and upholding the labour of our past heroes. Thereby bringing the concept of one voice, one nation as purposed in our ANTHEM.

The Chairman, erudite judges, the admin, the moderators, accurate time keeper, my co-debaters, distinguished audience, ladies and gentlemen. I say good evening to you all.

By virtue of identification, my name is Ayodeji Olowolagba (also known as dejt4u). I'm here to support the notion that "For a progressive Nigerian society, the Nigerian people must lead the change/reorientation first rather than the Nigerian political leaders"

Most Nigerians, even those in position of authority do admit that things are not right. Even with abundant human and natural resources, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, lack of adequate social amenities just to mention a few are some of the features all over the country. Problems bedeviling Nigeria and Nigerians have made every Nigerian with exception of those in authority to become critics without the sincerity of providing alternative solution and the attempt to put things in order. Nigeria is a populous country of more than 378 ethnic nationalities with each group contending fiercely for the control of its abundant resources.

It is not only barbaric and primitive but archaic for citizens to place high hope on their ineffective government for sudden turnaround in the affairs of our country. A common sense revolutionary move is what is needed and this can be started by a single person or a group of people but it has to get support of minority of the populace. With this, our people will be conscious of the situation on ground and it will have a great impact in our nation building. Indeed, we all have parts to play to make our situation better as Government is not the only problem we have in this country

Our nation building is the duty of us all. Not only government critism can solve all our problems. I will leave you with the words of former US President, Theodore Roosevelt, "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." [1]

Thank you.

[1] Theodore Roosevelt's quote on man on the arena

I stand for the notion that For a progressive Nigerian society, the Nigerian people must lead the change/reorientation first rather than the Nigerian political leaders.

My reasons are: A country prioritizes on its citizens and not it's leaders. So each citizen must work towards creating a progressive change for their retrogressive country rather than the leaders.

Nigerian citizens are now in the situation of which the leaders rule everything. Everyone is cynical even the citizens themselves are. Looking at the instance of this lockdown situation. Elections do still hold the preventive covid 19 protocols not effectively observed. The leaders want to find their every means to hold such elections of which proves useful not to the citizens but to themselves. Would you then expect such leaders to change their motives.

Citizens who attend such election campaigns are given peanuts for votes. They end up voting leaders who abandon them like snakes that lay eggs and abandon their offsprings or even eat up their offsprings.

If the Nigerian people can change their orientation such snakes wouldn't be leaders in the first place.

Nigerians should begin to live in an environment were there's a need to love each Nigerian citizens as themselves.

Albeit, when we begin to prioritise the power of individual leadership, personal leadership, mind leadership, leading others and leading businesses, we begin to place priority on how to be best at becoming this type of leaders that I’ve mentioned so far, then we will strengthen individuals and when we strengthen individuals, the institutions they represent will be strengthened. The families they represent will be strengthened, the companies they work for will be strengthened, the government agencies they work for will be strengthened because leadership actually flows to the one who knows.
When people prioritise leadership, they are able to learn, develop and have leadership capital skills. What this means is that waste of resources and poor decisions in governance will no longer be a common feature in our society. The misappropriation of funds and all the types of leadership deficiencies that we see, including people’s inability to work within teams is an obstruction to progress and development of institutions.

I hope my points prove this.


The image of this country has been dragged in the mud as a result of the people’s political apathy. Drug and human trafficking, militancy, advanced fee fraud and moral depravity have soiled the image of Nigeria. There is an unprecedented number of Nigerians sentenced to prison or death outside Nigeria for their involvement in criminal activities, immigration crimes, robbery, fraud, smuggling, arms running, prostitution and murder.3 Nigeria’s ruling class is, with few exceptions, notoriously corrupt and unresponsive to societal problems and needs.4 Thus, in every office, there seems to be a desperate drive by Nigerian leaders to corruptly enrich themselves and stash in foreign accounts huge sums of money 1 . Leaders have turned themselves into sole heirs of public funds and property. Good and adequate healthcare is not without a big price attached to it. The fact that drug and human trafficking, advance fee fraud, anti-social and criminal activities have rocked the country, is now thread-bare.5 Many Nigerians have attributed these worrisome behaviours to socio-economic and political challenges bedeviling the country, including an unstable economy, hunger, unreliable power supply, corruption in high places, poverty, structural unemployment and a dearth of social amenities. As succinctly captured by Fayemi.6 The definitive elements of the national moral condition include a raging culture of instant gratification that feeds short termism, profiteering, and fraud. Without making unsustainable generalizations, we can all agree that too many of us are given to cutting corners and trying to attain inordinately disproportionate returns on relatively small investments. We are not as averse to cheating and exploiting our fellow beings as we should be. In fact, it has been argued that our social, civic, political and economic relationships in Nigeria are defined more by mutual predatory exploitation than anything else. We have succumbed to a feverish individualism that prioritizes the desire and gain of the individual no matter how illicitly pursued at the expense of the common good. The sense of communal being that used to be a cardinal feature of public life has been diminished by the rise of an “every person for them” ethos.

The winners of this section are Ayodeji Olowolagba (also known as dejt4u) and Sola-Ojo Mofesola Wuraola.

*The prize will not be split rather, the full prize for first position will be given to both joint-winners respectively.


Shotanny (Section 1) and Faith Osasogie (Section 3) will also receive a reward of 2,000 each for their submissions.


Congratulations and thanks to everyone that participated.

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My second win today. I'm so happy and grateful. Thank you so much. Congrats to my co winners too

Prize received. God bless you abundantly. Wish papa a happy birthday

I wish DR FREEDOM GRIFFITH AKINJIDE OGBE a happy belated birthday. I know this should have come earlier ....the debate tension. Regardless it's meant to celebrate you sir. I'm really grateful to you and your family. I wish you many more of the very best in life.

Thank you Ayodeji and Mofesola for your participation, prize confirmations and kind words.

Congratulations again!

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