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Nigeria and Nigerians

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Validity and Attractiveness of Nigeria's Greatness in 2019

What elements or areas of the Nigerian society are truly valid and attractive to accord Nigeria as a great country in this present year 2019?

To win and succeed is to love.

1. In the area of activism and constructive criticism. More Nigerians are stepping out bold and courageous enough to touch the tiger's tail especially on the social media.

2. Innovation and creativity. Young people are becoming fully involved as was expected of them a long time ago. Only that now, we have the means to explore our minds.

3. Generally, this year 2019 has been good and we Nigeria remain united. At least, in the midst of  bad news and threatening catastrophes, we have not fallen apart yet. That's an attribute of a great nation.

Thank you Merciful for your contributions.

With particular references to the first 2 points you have stated, which are interesting the big question then remains, what have been their impacts?

The third point you mentioned, does not appear to hold enough 'water' - but appreciable optimism.

To win and succeed is to love.