John-Paul Nwaezeigwe Is Saint Mary’s University Overall Best [2016/17]

John-Paul Nwaezeigwe has obtained two majors (Political Science & Economics) with a First Class and best overall at Saint Mary’s University, Canada [2016-2017].

According to John-Paul Nwaezeigwe;

“From an early age I discovered my passion for politics, public policy discussion and government. As a student born and raised in Nigeria, these topics where never far from every day conversation as well as academic debates. This passion was key in my decision to pursue a double major in Economics and Political Science at Saint Mary’s University.

My honors thesis is in the subfield of International Relations. With my research, I aim to investigate and better understand the implementation of humanitarian intervention in the world during conflicts especially in developing countries. I am looking forward to working on my thesis which will be a rewarding challenge in my academic journey here at Saint Mary’s University.”


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