Kareem Waris Olamilekan Wins 22nd Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural And Educational Foundation Award

Kareem Waris Olamilekan has won Taiwan’s Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation’s ‘Fervent Global Love of Lives Award’.

The 11-year-old Nigerian artist beat 2,723 nominees in the world in the twenty-second edition of the prize.

The Representative of Taiwan in Nigeria, Ambassador Vincent Yang, disclosed  this in Lagos on the 18th of September 2019. He also said that Kareem Waris Olamilekan would meet the Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen, among other laureates.

Ambassador Yang said that his office and the Head of Taipei Trade Office in Nigeria had hosted and congratulated Kareem on his feat.

According to Ambassador Vincent Yang:

“Waris Olamilekan Kareem will attend Charity Events with other laureates and meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen [September 20 – 28, 2019].

Famous Nigerian Internet Bitty Artist – Waris Olamilekan Kareem stood out among 2,723 recommended candidates from all over the world earning the 22nd Fervent Global Love of Lives Award 2019 from Taiwan’s Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation.

He sketched a stunning portrait of French President, Emmanuel Macron, on the spot in just two hours, which amazed the global media. He has now become a famous Internet artist.

The poverty-stricken children all call him the little artist Robin Hood. He uses his drawing talent to produce beautiful works in exchange for some food to fight hunger and also to feed the hungry companions in the slum.

The works of Michelangelo motivate him and his goal is to surpass the standard set by the great artist. He intends to use drawings to depict Africa vividly and flip a new life to change Africa.

Taiwan’s Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation promotes `Global Love of Lives movement’ and recognises that`Everyone is Good at Something’.

Many people refer to the event as ‘the Nobel Prize of Life’.”

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