Kehinde Monsurat Agboola Best Graduating Medical Student At University Of Sierra Leone [2019/2020]

Kehinde Monsurat Agboola has emerged as the best graduating medical student at the College of medicine, University of Sierra Leone [2019/2020].

She had eleven (11) best awards in a row, which has never been achieved in the history of the West African country.

The Award and Swearing Ceremony took place on 9th April 2021, she graduated on 13th April 2021.

Kehinde Monsurat Agboola clinched the best graduating student prizes in the faculty of clinical sciences, physiology, microbiology, pathological sciences, surgery, internal medicine, as well as the overall award in surgery.

In addition, she got the Willoughby Award with the best candidacy prize, best in over all proficiency and recipient of Adonis About Trust Fund.

She attended Vinning day nursery and primary school, Molete Ibadan, Oyo State capital in Nigeria, between 1998 and 1999. She attended George and Duke international college, Felele Ibadan, between 2007 to 2013 receiving several awards. She traveled to Sierra Leone in 2013 after her SSCE exams and graduation. She successfully secured nine distinctions in her WASSCE in 2013.

Her father, Agboola, told TheNEWS in Freetown:

“I convinced her to change her mind, I being a successful businessman but she said being a doctor is just a passion for her, not the making of the money as a businesswoman. She just wanted to be a Doctor. She successfully secured zoology at UNILAG but she turned down the course because she wanted to do medicine and nothing more.

She bagged many awards from primary to secondary schools. A fervent Moslem, she hardly asked me for money to buy clothes or other social needs only for books.

I took her from Nigeria to Sierra Leone in 2013 and I later secured UK Visa for her and her twin sister and myself to continue her study in UK for her favourite course of medicine and surgery. Fortunately we found a favourable school at King’s College London but tuition only was 25,000 pounds sterling and I had to secure school for her twin sister also, going to around 45,000 to 50,000 pounds sterling – just a year tuition fees! I could not afford it. So we had to return to Sierra Leone and apply for University of Sierra Leone (college of medicine and surgery). She and kehinde were graciously admitted into pre- medicine.

A group of doctors from Switzerland offered to pay her school fees in her last year (final year). And a sum of 13,000,000 Leones (1,300 dollars) was paid by them, based on Kehinde’s good performance during her electives at Serabu catholic mission hospital in Bo, the second largest city after Freetown.”

Kehinde Monsurat Agboola will proceed with her housemanship for a year and later promoted to medical officer.

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