Michael Ozoalor & Oluwatosin Jolayemi Emerge January 2022 IATA Overall Best Performers In Nigeria (Travel & Tourism And Travel Business Courses)

Michael Ozoalor and Oluwatosin Jolayemi have emerged overall best performers in Nigeria during the January 2022 diet of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Foundation in Travel & Tourism course and the IATA Managing the Travel Business Course.

Lagos Aviation Academy (LAA), one of the fastest-growing aviation training institutions in Nigeria, produced Michael Ozoalor and Oluwatosin Jolayemi.

Mr. Michael Ozoalor made a distinction in the January 2022 diet of IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism course and Mr Oluwatosin Jolayemi, made a distinction in the January 2022 IATA Managing the Travel Business exams and both became IATA Overall Best Performers in Nigeria. Lagos Aviation Academy in its almost five years of being in the aviation training space had produced IATA Best Performer in Nigeria in 2018, 2019, 2021 and most recently in January 2022.

Congratulating Mr. Ozoalor and Mr. Jolayemi on their results, Head of Global Partnerships and Innovation at IATA Training said, Mr. Ivica Kovacic said:

“On behalf of IATA Training, I congratulate you on successfully completing the Foundation in Travel and Tourism with Amadeus course and acknowledge you as the student with the best performance in your country for the January 2022 exam session. As our Best Performer, feel free to use this recognition as a reference in any future job application. IATA Training will gladly act as a referrer in your career journey.”

Academy Director at Lagos Aviation Academy and Chairman Association of Approved Aviation Training Organisations in Nigeria, Mr. Bankole Bernard, while delivering a speech at the award ceremony held at the academy, spoke on the need to properly enlighten the general public on how to identify a standard aviation training school.

He stated:

“In Nigeria today, we have too many mushroom training schools scattered all over the place. Sadly, a lot of people cannot differentiate between the standard schools and the mushroom schools. This is one area the regulators should also pay attention to in order for us to have seasoned professionals joining the next generation industry players.”

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