Olanrewaju Tejuoso Wins 2nd Prize Prix du Ministère Sénégalais de la Culture at Dak’Art 2018

Olanrewaju Tejuoso has won the 2nd prize of the  Prix du Ministère Sénégalais de la Culture at Dak’Art 2018.

The international exhibition titled “A New Humanity”  housed the works of seventy-five (75) artists from thirty-three (33) countries with three (3) from Nigeria [Ndidi Dike, Emeka Udemba and Olanrewaju Tejuoso aka Olan]. The Prix du Ministère Sénégalais de la Culture at Dak’Art 2018 renewed the invitation of five (5) international commissioners.
Encounters and exchanges focused on: “Contemporary African Art and transformations of the intellectual and normative frameworks.”
The Biennale dedicated as each edition, “The Great Senghor Price“, which is a reference distinction in the field of visual arts.
This thirteenth edition included a major innovation with the opening of Senegal Pavilion offering a showcase of choice of national creativity. 
To give a popular and festive dimension to the event, and foster ownership by the populations, including children, young people and women, full plastic creative works are selected and installed in each municipality of Dakar a “Barak” in which residents are invited to show they define themselves as art.
Within the international exhibition and several other official sites, walking spaces are created for children to introduce them to contemporary art of the continent.
Through the Partnership Committee and Economic development, the General Secretariat of the Biennale and the National Agency of Statistics and Demography sets up a data collection device. This is in the full awareness that the existence of reliable statistics is necessary for the development of cultural policies;
Rwanda and Tunisia were also in honor of the Thirteenth edition  for a demonstration of their contemporary artistic creativity.

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