Emeka Nelson Develops Water Powered Generator [2016]

Emeka Nelson, a graduate of the National Metallurgical Training Institute, records advancement in developing a water powered generator.

His third invention, an ultra modern bio-digester is under development.


Emeka Nelson requires at least 1,000,000 Naira (about $5,000) currently for the continuation of his research and products’ improvements. The next step is to source for two million naira from angel investors.

According to Emeka Nelson who runs his private company, Creative E Machines, based in Awka, Nigeria:

“I can imagine a world where human feaces, urine etc are turned into cooking gas and best of fertilizers for our farmers.

I can imagine a society where this machine replaces all our soak away and pit latrine toilet systems. Creative minds tech team is working on it now.”

According to Karo Kanye Akamune:

Creative and inventive minds in Africa should be identified, supported and celebrated. Instead of marrying a third wife or building a forth house you would hardly ever sleep in, invest that money in people like Emeka Nelson.

Always remember, a country that does not produce man-made goods and services will always lag behind.”