PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter: January – June 2019

Welcome to the PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter: January – June 2019. This newsletter reliably provides a comprehensive first half-year report for the year 2019 on the positive progress of Nigeria and Nigerians globally.

PDF download: PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter July 2019 TMO

PositiveNaija Bi-annual newsletter July 2019

PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter

Notably, we have sought out to deduce the geographic locations (within Nigeria or abroad), which the positive/success news/updates recorded are being achieved. In other words, our aim is to be able to tell objectively, how conducive/enduring the environments are to what Nigeria/Nigerians are achieving. To do this, we determined the locations on the basis of where exactly the achievement, progress, success, etc. was done or achieved as well as will be done or achieved and not based on where an award/recognition was or is presented.

It is important to mention that most achievements by Nigeria/Nigerians achieved abroad should not be relegated as being ‘superior’ or achieved out of a ‘privileged comfortable environment’ as most of these achievements are usually first in recognition of what has been done or attained within Nigeria and as such requiring an international/global export.

Feel free to download the comprehensive guide on the geographic analysis: PositiveNaija Geo-location Analysis 2019-07-06 TMO FEO

Factors driving Nigeria's progress


geographical achievements of Nigeria and Nigerians July 2019


Nigerian positives July 2019

Recommendations from the PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter July 2019:

  1. Visionary and purposeful leadership for the Nigerian state is needed – based on the tenets of justice, integrity and adherence to the rule of law.
  2. Urgent efforts are needed in the reformation, upgrade and/or strengthening of honest public diplomacy; security; energy and power; and social values (truth and love).
  3. Effective, timely and sincere communication by the Nigerian government to the Nigerian people towards promoting transparency and accountability – hence, building trust.
  4. Nigerians should be more observant and appreciative towards the progress, development and excellence made in/by the country and fellow citizens.
  5. The right conditions and enabling environment for the vivid manifestations of these positive achievements and development of untapped potentials are needed.
  6. Existing implementation frameworks of governance and advocacy should be critically reviewed with an indigenous approach.
  7. Strategic planning and an effective monitoring system with a focus on sustainability.
  8. Better coordination among Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

We hope that you find these assessments useful, inspiring and educative. We will also be glad to hear from you. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “PositiveNaija Bi-Annual Newsletter: January – June 2019”

  1. Wow…these are the things that make me a more proud Nigerian. NeverthelessI have some observations that I’dlike to share. It’s about brain drain.

    This time around more positivity was recorded from outside the country than in Nigeria. To think that these ones making Nigeria proud abroad are permanent residents if not citizens of those countries calls for worry.😟 It’s as if our best wines (successful people) are tapped outside. All we get to gain as a country is the reputation, the praise and it ends there. They don’t give us more tangible outputs, they don’t add to our economy development or even come back to coach the younger ones. But maybe I can agree that it’s enough that they give us inspiration even though deep down I think they should do more. 😕

    1. Good day Merciful. Very good and true observations.

      To note, we do not publish news on Nigerians who are citizens of foreign countries on our platform but we recognise, respect and honor their efforts and their ancestry. We do this to maintain objectivity. So news like ‘Nigerians’ becoming members of Parliament in foreign countries do not apply because by current realities, they are no longer by passport documentation, citizens of Nigeria.

      Your observation correctly exposes the lack of tangibility of the supposed progress we are making but this is not far from the limitations revealed in the submissions of our analysis/statistics. Energy/power, security/law, and leadership/diplomacy ranks the 3 least sectors – if sincere developmental efforts are deployed into these 3, we sure would see and reap the benefits (more) of an advancing country.

      Thank you Merciful for sharing your thoughts and appreciation on our work.

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