‘PositiveNaija Series 2018: The Love of Patriots’ Published

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Towards an objective, verifiable, refreshing and valuable sense of Nigerian self-worth, patriotism, nation building and impactful scholarship, the PositiveNaija Series 2018: The Love of Patriots has been published.

PositiveNaija Series 2018

Authored and published (in March 2019) by Toju Micheal Ogbe, the second annual edition of the PositiveNaija Series, is a history-defining and educational resource, which reliably informs the world of the positive progress excellence of Nigeria and Nigerians globally for the year 2018. In addition, it features the best essays of the 2018 PositiveNaija Essay Competition with the overall best essay of the Competition by Miss Akunna James-Ibe being the First Foreword of the Series. The Second Forward was by Miss Mafeni Praise – overall winner of the 2018 PositiveNaija Video Contest.

With a harmonious blend of poetry, elevating thoughts and ideas, the 270-page book dedicated to all Nigerians provides valuable understanding to how Nigeria and Nigerians are progressing, at what current state of quality as well as what is required for our advancement as a people.

Within the current context of the Nigerian society and the Nigerian people, this publication advocates a redefinition of the standards of Nigeria’s values-based system with core emphasis on the virtues of love, truth, justice, respect, peace and wisdom – a demonstration of our conviction in the manifestation of Nigeria’s greatness as a good country.

The PositiveNaija Series 2018: The Love of Patriots by Toju Micheal Ogbe therefore achieves the following:

  • To document aptly and reliably, the positive progress and excellence associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally.
  • To inspire Nigerian patriotism, nation building as well as critical-thinking.
  • To provide greater awareness of positive and valuable activities and work in Nigeria with reliable data, information as well as relevant insights.
  • To serve as a historical record of the ingenuity of the Nigerian people.
  • As a reference guide for innovation and empowerment within the Nigerian context.
  • As an educational resource advocating positive values and impactful scholarship.
  • As a strategic advocate of responsible journalism.
  • As a resourceful guide for best practices for publishers, writers, webmasters, etc.

How to get a copy of the eBook (price: ₦10,000):

  1. Selar: https://selar.co/m/TMO
  2. Pay using the account details with the book description and send send payment evidence via email or WhatsApp to the contact details below [Bank name: Access Bank; Account name: Toju Ogbe; Account number: 0006376703].

*Hardcopy of the book is available on request.

The PositiveNaija Series 2018: The Love of Patriots is available for all and can be obtained in hard copies.

About the author:

Toju Micheal Ogbe is a Nigerian and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of PositiveNaija; an online media platform that is committed to good news and  constructive journalism on the progress and excellence culture of Nigeria and Nigerians with the vision of inspiring hope and pride in every Nigerian.

He is passionate about a Nigeria that is genuinely united by love and with a common vision towards peace & sustainable progress.

Interests: Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E); Media & Journalism; Diplomacy; Research; Publishing; WordPress/SEO; Art, Design & Music; Gifts/Gifting; Strategy; etc.

Contact details: 09064503292; tojuunderscoremicheal@gmail.com

Books by Toju Micheal Ogbe:

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