ShapShap Wins 2022 GITEX Award In Supernova Challenge Pitch Competition (Mobility And Logistics Innovation Category)

ShapShap has emerged winner in the Supernova Challenge Pitch Competition of the 2022 GITEX Award (Mobility and Logistics Innovation category).

The CEO, Khalil Halilu who was among the two Nigerian startups to enter the final stage of the competition was presented with a prize of $8,000.

Nigeria had nine start-ups and at the finals, had two start-ups and finally a winner out of 90 countries and over 800 entries.

In the words of Khalil Halilu on Twitter:

“I’m excited to bring the win for the supernova challenge in mobility and smart city category at gitexglobal2022. This is a huge win for myself and the team @shapshap. Congratulations to @SmartFLOEWS for also making it to the finals. Thank you @GITEX_GLOBAL #ksh #gitexglobal2022″

ShapShap won the FightBack COVID-19 Challenge in Nigeria

Shapshap connects you to your favourite shops, restaurants and nearest delivery personnel to take care of your personal and business deliveries.

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