Team LAUTECH Wins UI-UNILAG WASH Hackathon 2022

Team LAUTECH has emerged first place winner of the UI-UNILAG WASH Hackathon 2022 held at the University of Lagos, Akoka.

The winning team from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, (LAUTECH) included Taoheed Oyewo, Coker John, Ibrahim Christopher, Parick Obumselu, and Victoria Akintayo.

The program, facilitated by the University of Ibadan and the University of Lagos in partnership with UNICEF Nigeria, Rice University, Houston, USA, mobilized teams to develop locally-sourced technologies to address Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) challenges through teamwork.

According to Taoheed Oyewo, a 500-level Mechanical Engineering student of LAUTECH who led the Team, nearly one-quarter of the Nigerian population practice open defecation, which means 46 million Nigerians defecate in bushes, rivers, and others. Therefore, the team came up with an idea to work on an improved latrine system called Disability Inclusive Latrine (DIL)-PAN. The improved latrine system facilities access for personas with disability and girls.

DILPAN consists of braces for comfortability, the seat bead, funnel-like pathway, trap door, and cover. It closes off from the open air after being used to reduce the rate of disease transmission in toilets by preventing carriers of diseases on the surface of the latrine system.

Taoheed added:

“The design of the pan allows for potential variations according to local customs and demands, such as using the facilities by squatting or sitting or adapting to the shape of the pit for the latrine. The core concept around which the pan is based is the counterweighted “flapper” itself. The counterweight is specifically set so that the flap remains closed until the additional force of water – not just the waste itself – is poured into the pan. The pour-flush mechanic also creates a liquid seal, with a minimal amount of water remaining on top of the flap after use to help ensure the prevention of transmission of insects or gases. This approach, utilizing a basic mechanism while leaving room for responsive adjustments in design, allows the Disability Inclusive Latrine(DIL) system to be adapted to a defecation-free state while maintaining a simple but effective means of providing basic health benefits.”

The prototype of the project was fabricated and designed by 3D Printer and Fusion-360 software respectively.

Speaking on the success at the UI-UNILAG WASH Hackathon 2022, Taoheed said:

“It gives me the joy to know that I am watched closely and my academic and innovative Impact is appreciated. This will foster more opportunities to explore, recreate, innovate, use my gifts profitably and render service to humanity. The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best you can become. It is in reaching for the stars that we raise ourselves to the height of our potential and the summit of success is not reached in a single leap but a series of determined steps.”

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