The Nigerian By Shalom Anya

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The Nigerian By Shalom Anya

Ben Carson, a pioneer in neurosurgery and author of the book, “Think Big” is a global example of the high level of excellence that can be produced through diligence, consistency, tenacity, and such related virtues. Without an iota of doubt, his life reveals that excellence is not tied to a race, tribe, or a particular group. With great intensity, several Nigerians have exemplified such virtues in time past and in recent times. These great thinkers strive to solve serious problems and are critical stakeholders at different levels and professions.

The Nigerian By Shalom Anya

Particularly, history being a documentation of past events reveals the fight in Nigeria against all factors that oppose excellence. Since independence, Nigeria has been confronted with several societal problems such as poverty, youth unemployment, terrorism, corruption, and religious crises but nationalists as well as other patriotic Nigerians have long pulled up their sleeves and attempted to tackle these ugly circumstances and issues.

Moreover, the youths who are in the prime stage of their lives have been fighting against such negative tendencies all along. It appears that a solemn pledge has been taken by us to refuse to be deterred nor discouraged by whatever abnormalities we come across. Intentional youths have portrayed this by earnestly pursuing their educational success as well as success in other related opportunities. Results from competitions conducted by organizations like Cowbellpedia, Chevening, African Union, PositiveNaija, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA) etcetera is an obvious proof of the fact that Nigeria has competent, excellent, world-class minds and is home to some of the best brains in the world.

Some of them have skillfully and strategically positioned themselves in the entrepreneurial arena. Motivated Nigerian entrepreneurs have discovered some challenges that bedevil individuals in societies and spearheaded innovations that provided solutions in the diverse aspects of human life such as education, health, agriculture, business, etc. Those challenges have rather become opportunities for them to deepen, utilize and demonstrate their creative ability, amazing potentiality, and trained capacity.

Clearly, certain Nigerians who either fall under “The Baby Boomers”, “Generation X” or the “Millennials” have noteworthy legacies. Some of them who are still on stage are excellently carrying out their duties: Dr. Ije Akunyili, a Nigerian who is serving as a “Chief Medical Officer in the U.S.A.”, and Amanda Azubuike, a Nigerian who rose to the “Brigadier-General rank of the U.S. Army” are notable examples. Also, we can find several Nigerian youths in “Generation Z”, a younger generation already inscribing their names on the sands of time, making incredible progress and valiantly pushing forth for more positive changes in Nigeria and the Diaspora. A reflective look at such Nigerians gives insight into the progressiveness, productiveness, and effectiveness of the Nigerian people.


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I am Shalom Anya, a young woman who is passionate about certain definite things of which Language and Education are inclusive.

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The Nigerian by Shalom Anya is a guest post by Shalom Anya submitted to and published by PositiveNaija.

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