Times Higher Education Ranks Covenant University As Nigeria’s Top Engineering Study Destination [2018]

The Times Higher Education ranking institution, which accesses universities on 13 carefully selected and calibrated indicators under 5 pillars; Teaching (30%), Research (30%), Citation (30%), Industry Income (2.5%), Internationalisation (7.5%) has now ranked Covenant University (CU) as the first Nigerian university to ever feature in the top 1000 engineering and technology ranking.

The Times Higher Education is the leading provider of higher education data for the world’s research-led institutions. Its work with individual clients builds on the foundations of our World University Rankings, which have been adopted as a geo-political indicator as well as an aid to strategic management of institutions and a crucial factor in the study choices made by millions of students around the world.

Its DataPoints suite of tools is designed to provide detailed performance information across all of the core areas of university activity, as well as allowing comparison and benchmarking against other institutions – whether competitors or collaborators – across regions, subjects and other key criteria.

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