Victor Ekwealor Emerge 2018 Digital Rights And Inclusion Media Fellowship Pioneer Fellow

Victor Ekwealor and Togolese Emmanuel Agbenonwossi have emerged as the pioneer Fellows for the newly introduced Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Fellowship.

The Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Fellowship is a project of Paradigm Initiative, a social enterprise dedicated to the promotion of digital rights and inclusion in Africa.

The fellowship attracted 116 applications from 19 countries.

According the Paradigm Initiative’s Communications Officer, Sodiq Alabi:

“We are pleased to announce the selection of two brilliant journalists for the inaugural edition of our media fellowship.

We are excited about the quality of applications the fellowship attracted in its first year.”

Sodiq Alabi explained that the Fellowship program is a 5-month program designed to immerse selected journalists in digital rights advocacy and digital inclusion intervention efforts in Africa.

The Fellows will work with Paradigm Initiative on various projects and contribute to improving media interest in relevant issues.

The Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Fellowship will commence in September 2018, with a two-week residency at Paradigm Initiative’s Nigerian offices, in Aba, Abuja Ajegunle, Kano and Yaba, and run until January 2019. Fellows will also get the chance to connect with Paradigm Initiative team members in Yaounde and Nairobi.

Victor Ekwealor

Victor Ekwealor is a Nigerian writer, storyteller and award-winning multimedia journalist. Victor Ekwealor works as an Editor at TechPoint.

His focus is on storytelling in highlighting untold African stories from good journalistic standards with modern technological tools.

Victor believes Africans would either tell more African stories or watch the world do it for them. He is interested in, and mostly covers, the interaction of human beings and technology. He is also interested in technology, startups, innovations, policies, digital inclusion and digital rights.

Emmanuel Agbenonwossi

Emmanuel Agbenonwossi is a Togolese journalist and the managing editor of AfroTribune. Agbenonwossi works to advance professional journalism and digital freedom with media and Internet rights defenders globally. Emmanuel has contributed to policy research in Togo, Ghana, Cote-d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other African countries.

He is a fellow of UNESCO, ICANN, AfriSIG and the IGF Academy. Emmanuel Agbenonwossi is an alumnus of the University of Greenwich (UK), the Central University of Tunisia and the University of Malta.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism, a post-graduate diploma in Cyber-Security, Leadership and Business Information Technology.

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