Women’s Interfaith Council Awarded Aachen Peace Prize 2021

Women’s Interfaith Council has been awarded the Aachen Peace Prize 2021 for its work in the Nigerian state of Kaduna, where Christians and Muslims stand together for peaceful coexistence.

Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu and Elizabeth Majinya Abuk received the Aachen Peace Prize on behalf of their organization, the Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC).

WIC was founded in 2010 to counter the effects of the escalating violence. The organization’s women visit victims of attacks, providing them with personal support and organizing further training for other women and young people.

WIC also offers support through a community, ensuring that women of both religions unite and celebrate important holidays together.

The WIC is made up of several thousand women who are organized in 23 individual associations. Many are personally affected by violence, such as Elizabeth Majinya Abuk, who coordinates the Christian organizations in the WIC.

The Aachen Peace Prize honors those who make a contribution to mutual understanding among people.

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