Conclusion Of The 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest

No winner or finalist has emerged in the 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest, themed: Nigeria, Nigerians and Excellence!

The 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest (March 1 – 25, 2019) is purposed towards informing the world about the positive excellence associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally for the year 2019.

The 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest aims to promote media professionalism in Nigeria, advance original Nigerian storytelling, encourage Nigerian patriotism as well as serve as a platform for excellence!

PositiveNaija Newscast Contest

Special Honours of the 2019 PositiveNaija Newscast Contest

Wealth Yansha and Iormee Prince Davis, students of Princess Adeja International College, Gboko, Benue State, coached by Mrs. Yahim Charity deserved and receives commendation for their entries. They each receive a copy of the publication – “PositiveNaija Series 2017: Convocation of Green Eagles”.

The newscast entry of Wealth Yansha was commended for courage, passion, intelligence, poise, ability to speak on-camera quality video-production and appreciable communication skills.

The newscast entry of Iormee Prince Davis was commended for courage, passion, quality video-production and appreciable communication skills.

According to the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PositiveNaija, Mr. Toju Micheal Ogbe:

“We thank God Almighty for the successful newscast contest even with no finalist or winner. It is the first newscast contest we have organised and we are pleased with the distinguishing strategy, organisation and set objective. Number and quality of entries received could be better but we are confident that the culture of interest in the positive progress and excellence as well as hope by Nigerians would increase significantly in times to come.

The theme of the newscast contest as well as the newscast contest itself is very crucial at this time  – particularly in the areas of building trust and professionalism in the media sphere as well as confidence in the abilities of Nigerians unto good and extraordinary works. Thus, from the entries, we are pleased that indeed, positive progress and excellence associated with Nigeria and Nigerians are evident even in 2019 and the awareness of this continues to grow and inspire us all.

We appreciate and congratulate the eight Nigerian contestants for the contest. We appreciate their courage, trust and hope in a greater Nigeria, their intellectual brilliance as well as their confidence in our execution.

We also express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors for this video contest – T.A.O and Geo-Group Limited as well as advisors – Mrs. Grace Alegeh, Elijah Ezaga and many others for their kind contributions; a testament of their belief in our vision and mission.

We look forward to more remarkable editions in the future and further improvement in every aspect. Thank you.”



PositiveNaija is a multimedia news, information and forum platform, with the vision of having the most reliable platform for informing the world of the truly impactful, positive, valuable, inspiring, educative and worthy updates associated with Nigeria and Nigerians globally based on consistent objectivity and excellence The aim is to positively – inspire, educate and redefine the standards of Nigeria’s values based system.

As a human-centered enterprise, the mission of PositiveNaija is to continuously strive towards creating a good, well-informed and empathetic society for Nigeria and Nigerians through news management and impactful initiatives.


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