Dr. Nemitari Ajienka Appointed Senior Lecturer In Computer Science At Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

27-year-old Dr. Nemitari Ajienka has been appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom.

This appointment makes him the youngest Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.

Dr. Nemtari Ajienka was promoted to a senior teaching member staff at the university after he got an appointment as a junior lecturer in 2017 at Edge Hill University.

Dr. Nemitari Ajienka had distinctions in his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Master of Science (M.Sc) and Doctorate degree (PhD) before he turned 25 years old.

In the words of Dr. Nemitari Ajienka:

“After 2 years+ at Edge Hill University (EHU), UK as a Lecturer, I’m happy to have officially joined Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK as a Senior Lecturer at 27. Grateful to both EHU and for the opportunities and experience.”

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