How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Daniel Bassey Eta

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How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Daniel Bassey Eta

Daniel Bassey Eta


pikin wey dem just born today

na mama first dey guide him way

him numba one language at all tyms na to chop

mothers, no refuse am, u sabi hw; nd wen to stop

him must suck borkuu, na laikdis him growth dey start

if u fail to act, malfunctioning go begin dey alat.


e no go too tey before u begin notice say pikin dn come grow

y bcuz all wetin u feed am before go start to dey show

d expo to dis na ur balance diet, nd make sure say u take ur 3-square meal

ur early mormor chow go b small amt of sugar, borkuu milk nd ur cereal

ur lunch tym na heavy food, but after dat try to get borkuu day rest

so dat u go fit carry ur day lyk King u b nd at all tyms to b ur best.


u are wat u eat, u dn hear say health is d new wealth

if u doubt, go ask doctors of people wey just take their last breath

too sad, na y I say make u at all tyms dey eat right, no skip meals, dey recharge bellefull

in dis same spirit, extend helping hand to ur next neighbour wey him face look dull

who knows? na only hunger fit b him wahala, with dis, man pikin go just look so bright

no come do lyk say e no mata, change begins with you, abeg make we learn to live right.


Daniel Bassey Eta

I (Daniel Bassey Eta) love writing, rapping and football.

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