How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Taiwo Ayomide Shodeinde

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How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Taiwo Ayomide Shodeinde

Taiwo Ayomide Shodeinde

How food dey fit bring dignity and hope

Everybody like food wey sweet

E dey always make our stomach jolli-jolli

Better food dey make us strong as e dey nourish the body

Na food dey give the body the nutrients wet e need to survive

E dey give body protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

Better food dey bring better joy

Food dey bring love

Food dey always bring pleasure to person body

Food dey always give hope as e dey comot hunger strike

Food dey make our belle full well well as we dey chop am

Food dey always make person happy

I like food,You like food

Everybody like food

Food dey important well well

Person no fit live without food

Food dey bring dignity to person wey fit dey afford to eat any food wey e like at anytime

Food dey always bring peace as e dey comot hunger strike

Hunger dey make person vex, but when food dey person no go dey vex anyhow

Food dey always bring family and friends together

Food dey very special

Food dey make person survive for this world wey e dey

E dey give us energy to do wetin we wan do

Food good well well



Taiwo Ayomide Shodeinde

My name is Taiwo Ayomide Shodeinde, I am a final year student studying Fisheries at Lagos State University. I am a Christian.

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