How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Udochukwu Chidera Amarachi

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How Food Fit Bring Dignity And Hope! By Udochukwu Chidera Amarachi

Udochukwu Chidera Amarachi



1).The first cock don crow,

Papa don wake us up so,

No food for a lazy man,

Hoe for shoulder, basket for hand we march to the farm.


2).Three years ago, we bin dey for town,

But we no see food put for mouth,

The day we chop rice with cubed meats na our Christmas day,

We dey lick our small soup and like Oliver Twist ask for extra wey no dey,


3).Here we dey go farm to put seed for ground,

Our shorts and patch patch clothes don turn dirty brown,

Rain come, sun shine, heaven dey smile on our little farm,

For our side, them dey know big man by the yams for im barn.


4).We no dey lack food again for house,

My Papa dey proud say im children no dey chop rat and mouse,

For that our small farm, corn and cassava dey,

If we chop finish, we go carry some go our town market day.


5).From the sales money, I don register for my town school,

I know book and I dey keep all the rules,

I wan learn how to produce food better,

I go get big farm and money and I no go be debtor.


6).Who talk say farm work no good?,

We dey chop belle full and we get money for school,

Food na life, as long I dey alive,

I go dey alright and  reach for the skies.


Udochukwu Chidera Amarachi

I (Udochukwu Chidera Amarachi) am a 500-level student of Pharmacy at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. An avid writer, with some laurels including being shortlisted in the 2020 Paurosia Christmas Short Story Contest.

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