Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon Wins 2019 PositiveNaija Video Event

Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon has emerged the overall winner of the 2019 PositiveNaija video event, themed: Nigerians, Work & Dignity!

The 2019 PositiveNaija video event (May 1 – 31, 2019) is purposed towards informing the world on the vision, nature, relevance and impact of the work undertaken by Nigerians for the good of humanity.

The 2019 PositiveNaija Video Event aims to promote the following:

  • Self-value of Nigerians;
  • Dignity of legitimate work undertaken by Nigerians; and
  • Visionary and sustainable enterprises.

Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon wins the 2019 PositiveNaija Video Event


Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon, a 500 level undergraduate student of the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), emerged overall winner with his Video Presentation.

Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon receives ₦100,000 worth of advert on the PositiveNaija platforms; two-week post event free comprehensive financial advisory services (audit, taxation and transaction advisory) by Wole Joshua & Co.; as well as the transcribed version of his video presentation published on the PositiveNaija platform and as a foreword in the PositiveNaija Series 2019.

On the entry by Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon, the advisory judge for the event, Ms. Mosunmola Adeojo stated:

“The contestant weaves in the description of their academic work in materials and metallurgy engineering, into Nigeria’s resources and how this knowledge can be used to improve the Nigerian society, from the domestic space to public infrastructures.”

According to the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PositiveNaija, Mr. Toju Micheal Ogbe:

“We thank God Almighty for the successful video event. We are once again pleased with the unique strategy, organisation, set objective and response even though we had just one entry – that of Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon.

Decisive in our strategy for this event was to restrict submission of entries to Whatsapp rather than the popular and open hashtag approach deployed on various social media channels. While this has its obvious benefits including possible huge brand or activity popularity, we primarily sought to avoid doing harm to the general public space in the instance(s) of video presentations containing inappropriate values or ideas as it relates to work from being shared/circulated. In addition, by labeling it as an event rather than a contest or competition as well as not applying the public voting option as in the case of our previous competitions, we sought to show respect to the various unique ‘visions’ participating on which cannot be pitted as competing against each other.

This theme of the video event is a very crucial one today – as it seeks to not only promote the self-worth, self-value of Nigerians and the legitimate work they undertake. Work in this regard entails the diligent application of oneself to value addition and the service of others be it work of paid employment, volunteering, internships, entrepreneurship, etc.

The theme also seeks to explore and promote what capacity, knowledge, skills, experiences are available in various work endeavors as well as how fundamentally significant for work to be hinged on a good/honorable vision and impact.

I believe that certain critical and useful insights on factors that can further contribute to the dignity of work undertaken by Nigerians have been acknowledged  through the video presentation of Ogunkayode and should be further intensified with sincere, practicable and intense convictions by both Nigerians and the Nigerian government.

These factors include: understanding the role of work as for the benefit of humanity; the power of critical-thinking; resource efficiency and maximization; engaging the befitting expertise; upholding the value of integrity; etc.

We sincerely appreciate and congratulate Ogunkayode Oluwaseyi Simeon for his courage, trust, contagious hope in a greater Nigeria, intellectual brilliance as well as confidence in our execution.

We also express our heartfelt gratitude to a sponsors for this video event – Wole Joshua and Co. [event process auditor and post-event financial advisor for winners) and T.A.O as well as the event advisory judge – Ms. Mosunmola Adeojo for their kind support; a testament of their belief in our vision and mission.

We look forward to more remarkable editions in the future and further improvement in every aspect. Thank you.”



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