Oluwatofunmi Oteju Awarded Augsburg University’s 2018 Emerging Leader Of The Year Award

16-year-old Oluwatofunmi Oteju has been awarded the Emerging Leader of the Year award for 2018 by Augsburg University, United States of America.

The Emerging Leader of the Year award recognizes students who participated in the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) during 2017 fall semester and a platform used by the University to celebrate students who demonstrated active involvement in student activities, student governance, and student life at Augsburg during the academic year.

In recommending the first year student for the award, her international student advisors, James Tresland Porter and Angela Bonfigilio wrote that she exhibited calm presence and showed strong leadership within her short stay on campus.

According to her Advisor in Oluwatofunmi Oteju’s recommendation form:

“In her short time here, despite her age, she has shown extreme maturity and leadership on campus.”

The recommendation stated further that Tofunmi was awarded for her selfless contributions in the area of guiding international students in settling into the University environment.

The University stated that Oluwatofunmi Oteju impressed it with her confidence in navigating Augsburg and the opportunities around her with humility.

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